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Donate to our Annual Appeal and help YouthBuild Lake County prepare underserved youth to enter the workforce.

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We know that when young people are given the tools they need to succeed, they can achieve incredible things. That’s why we need your help! When you donate to our annual appeal, you’re supporting teenagers in your own community who are working hard to build a better future for themselves and their families. You’re helping them earn their diplomas and start careers, while getting the support they need. But we can’t do it without you! Please donate today and help us reach our $10,000 match goal! 

Donate to YouthBuild Lake County's 2022 Annual Appeal

Lake County students will drop out of high school 

A recent study, which focused on the connection between mental health and completing high school, suggests that “to improve disadvantaged youths’ educational outcomes, investments in comprehensive mental health services are needed in schools struggling with high dropout rates, the very places where adolescents with unmet mental health needs tend to concentrate.” To combat this health crisis, we are investing in comprehensive mental health services. 

YouthBuild Lake County wants to prepare our members for success in every element of their life. Mental and emotional wellness lead to increased academic and career success. Our program staff continues to develop and grow meet the identified barriers our members face. In 2023, we are rolling out brand new initiatives to further our impact.

What We're Doing About It

YouthBuild Lake County is proud to be expanding its wellness programs in 2023. After discussing with our members, program staff identified several new areas of need that YBLC had not addressed before. We have partnered with several organizations, hired an in-house psychologist, and are converting space in our agency into a wellness room. YBLC will continue to identify and address barriers in our members lives to ensure that they are successful in all aspects of their life after graduating.

These Additions Will Impact Our Youth

By further developing our Wellness offerings in 2023, YouthBuild Lake County is better preparing our members for a successful life after graduation. Each element of the Wellness program targets a need identified by our staff or participants. We partner with 2 organizations who help provide mental and emotional counseling, and we hired an in-house psychologist. By continuing this trend of growth, our members will learn wellness tools they can use for a lifetime.

Our annual appeal with help members like Alicia receive the support they need

Wellness Groups

We offer wellness groups that cover a variety of relevant topics such as parenting, addiction, maintaining healthy relationships, and anger issues. These groups provide a safe space for our members to develop the social and emotional skills and to build healthy habits.

Nutrition Groups

The newest addition to YBLC’s wellness program is nutrition groups, which were added after staff identified a need for healthy nutritional habits. This program will help our members learn to shop, cook, and eat healthy on a budget.

Therapy Sessions

In addition to our on-staff psychologist, we also partner with 2 local organizations to provide weekly individual and group therapy for our members. This is the first opportunity many of our members have had to work with a mental health professional.

“I love the Wellness Program! You have access to the resources you need as soon as you need them. The support is always right there for you.”

-Andrea, Fall 2022

About YouthBuild Lake County

Our mission is to provide underserved young adults with the education, training and life skills necessary to become gainfully employed and build a better future. Here at YouthBuild, we believe that every young person has the power to succeed and create a better life for themselves and their families with access to the right resources and support system. We offer free programs for underserved youth in Lake County to obtain their high school diploma, earn industry-recognized credentials and certifications, develop career readiness skills, and complete hands-on work experience so they can move into careers, college or vocational schools.

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We want you to be in the know! We’re always working hard to make sure that YouthBuild Lake County is doing what it can to help young people succeed, and we don’t want you to miss out. Check out our social media pages for the latest updates on our members’ successes, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and more! This is the best way for you to see just how impactful your donation is!

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