YouthBuild Lake County

Our mission is to provide underserved young adults with the education, training, and life skills necessary to become gainfully employed and build a better future.

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YouthBuild's Success Stories

Marisol was going through a difficult time in her life before she came across YouthBuild. “I had been working at a warehouse for a few years. I wasn’t getting good pay and I knew that if I stayed in that job, I wasn’t going to have a good future for myself and my kids.” Being a young mother of two, Marisol wanted to create more opportunities for herself and her family. She decided to apply to YouthBuild Lake County after hearing about it through her sister, who was a YouthBuild graduate…

All I have to say is YouthBuild has a great staff and I appreciate every single one of them. They helped me out and made me a better person, and I will always be grateful for that.

Marisol, Class of '20 photo

Marisol, Class of '20

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