YouthBuild Lake County's 2022 Annual Report

Member Dorothy planting the American flag at a Memorial Day service project




YouthBuild had an incredible year full of many highlights. We outlined some of our biggest in our Annual Report so you can see what we’ve been up to in Lake County. Scroll and read through the website version or click below and read the print booklet.



Practice Makes Perfect

Partners and volunteers help our members practice interviewing in a real-world setting.  Our members often talk about how helpful this in in their career search. 

A Real Diploma

Without a high school diploma, only 12% of the job market is accessible. As a career readiness program, we understand the importance of a diploma. 

A Greater Impact

We partnered with Rosalind Franklin University to provide our members with weekly individual and group therapy sessions. We want our members to be successful in all aspects of their lives.

The Importance
of Service

Community service is integral to the YouthBuild program. Our members give back to their community by building or rehabbing affordable housing, working at the food pantry, cleaning up the Forest Preserve, and participating in the many other service projects we offer.

5 Groups Total

Over the course of our fiscal year, we served 5 cohorts of young adults. This includes our inaugural pre-apprentice cohort, 3 graduated YouthBuild cohorts, and 1 cohort that will graduate in Janurary. 

For Resumes & Skills

91% of our members and trainees earned at least one industry recognized credential. Credential attainment is an important step to being job ready. 

Helping Our Community

From cleaning the forest preserve to making blankets for senior citizens, our members understand the importance of giving back. 

Employment is Key

When our members complete 450 hours of community service by working on affordable housing construction sites or volunteering at service events, they earn an education award of $1,450 that they can use towards post-secondary education. 

Employment is Key

88% of our members and trainees secured employment after finishing their YouthBuild programs. We assist in this process with resume development, mock interviews, and the use of our employee partner network.


New Graduate Jade after earning her diploma


“I can’t even put into words how much YouthBuild has changed my perspective. I was in a very negative headspace in my life and attending YouthBuild gave me a sense of hope of having a future I would be happy and proud to have”

Pre-Apprentice Trainee Jaime posing in front of tools


“This program and my job have been the biggest blessing of my year. I would not even be close to where I am at right now without YouthBuild.”

More Success Stories

A hexagon photo of the Seymour project


The Seymour House, which had been on the market for years, was in desperate need of repair. More than 115 YouthBuild Lake County members assisted in the home’s renovation and beautification and were able to give the house a new life, making it safe and sound for low-income families to live in. The home was restored to its former glory through skilled craftsmanship but modern improvements were made as well, including a beautiful pergola that was added to the front of the home. The project was completed in partnership with ReNew Communities, an organization dedicated to helping those in need of affordable housing. 

A group of YouthBuild members posing in front of the Seymour project

115+ Members

This project was worked on by 6 separate cohorts, meaning over 115 of our members played a part in building this project. This includes insulating, drywalling, flooring, painting, tiling- and much more! 

YouthBuild member Edward cutting wood on site at the Seymour project

12,000+ Service Hours

Over the course of the 6 cohorts, YouthBuild members gathered a total of over 12,000 AmeriCorps Service Hours, which are counted towards the Segal education grant at the end of their program.

The family of 4 as they receive the keys to their new home, the Seymour project

1 Happy Family

The best part of this project was not the actual work, but seeing the family of 4 cut the ribbon and start their lives in their new home! Our members learned more than construction skills- they learned about community.

A hexagon photo of 2 pre-apprentices building a tiny home


This year, YouthBuild Lake County started a pre-apprentice program. This 12-week program is available to Illinois residents over 18 who currently have their diploma and are interested in a career in the trades. The goal of this program is to expand YBLC’s impact on Lake County’s workforce development by opening our organization to an entirely new segment of potential trainees. YBLC decided to pursue the pre-apprentice pathway after the Board of Directors and senior leadership collaborated through a series of task forces to determine the future of the agency. This addition solidifies YouthBuild Lake County’s commitment to growth in the near future as we increase capacity to further our impact in our community.

A slide show of pre-apprentice trainees holding signs

25 NEW

We are proud to have served 25 pre-apprentice trainees in our first 40 weeks of this program. After completing the program, trainees have moved on to join the carpenter’s union, enrolled in college and work at nation-wide construction companies. 

Pre-Apprentice Trainee Jovanny posing with tools


Every single pre-apprentice earned industry recognized credentials to build their resume and skills. Pre-Apprentices earn credentials from OSHA, NCCER, and other nationally accredited organizations. Our trainees learn through a hybrid teaching style of in-classroom tests and on-site training. These certifications help set our members apart when applying to trade unions by showcasing both their knowledge of construction and their commitment to the field. 


It is important to understand the career field you are entering and there is no better way to learn about it than seeing it first hand. Kashmir Crump, Director of Apprentice Programs, set up five career exploration visits to local unions and employers to help show our members what apprenticeship means. These visits included trips to different trades including electricians, carpenters, and facility repair. Our members were encouraged by the various pathways available to them after graduating from our program and the countless benefits that each offers.


Here’s a summary of our financials for our fiscal year 2022 including a breakdown of our revenue and operating expenses.

3 YouthBuild Members posing at the Conference of Young Leaders


Public & Private Foundations


Trainee Jovanny learning to fix an electrical outlet


At YouthBuild Lake County we are so fortunate to have amazing donors and volunteers that support the growth and impact of our program and members. Thank you to all of our donors.


AbbVie Foundation 

Dr. Chinni Chilamkurti (Prema Center, Inc. and Rosalind Franklin University)* 

EMCO Chemical Distributors

Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County 

Old National Bank 

R&W Machine Division, Warner Industries, Inc. 

Steans Family Foundation  

Mr. Jim Biel and Ms. Lesly Marban 

Mr. Steve Blinderman 

Charles and M.R. Shapiro Foundation 

Discover Financial Services 

Jelly Belly Charities, Inc. 

James and Madeline McMullan Family Foundation Charitable Fund 



Aldridge Electric, Inc. 



Balyasny Asset Management L.P. 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Berger 

Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson*

Mr. and Mrs. Regis Charlot 

Peter and Gabrielle Dion-Kindem 

Dynacoil, Inc 

EQ Offices 

The Generations Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Harper 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. David Liebman 

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Michelotti* 

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas 


YouthBuild USA 

Abbott Laboratories, Inc 


Mr. Jim and Dr. Michele Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Arnwine 

Baker McKenzie in honor of Linda Friedman 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Berger 

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Cameron  

Mr. Jeff Cercy 

Mr. Michael Coglianese and Ms. Jamie Denz 

Consumers Cooperative Association 

Determan Balk Family Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Dominguez 

Mr. Robert Foltz and Ms. Kristina McSweeney 

Mr. Mark Foster and Ms. Alyssa O’Neill 

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gerlach* 

Mr. and Mrs. William Holman 

Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kaled 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kane 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kelley 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kneeland 

Krügel Cobbles, Inc. 

Mr. Mark Kuhnke and Ms. Kimberly Bertini 

Libertyville Bank & Trust/State Bank of the Lakes/Waukegan Community Bank

Pederson & Houpt 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Polen 

Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenbloom 

The Trustmark Foundation 

Mr. John Zachara

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Almond* 

Anonymous X2

Aspen Lane Wine Company*

Assured Partners 

Mr. John Baker Welch 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bauwens 

Ms. Terry Benzel*  

Ms. Susan Bowey 

Bulley and Andrews LLC 

Campobasso Family Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Capone 

The Stephen and Carol Capp Giving Fund 

Chalet Landscaping, Nursery & Garden Center 

Chicago Educational Research Foundation 

Complete Cleaning Company 

Mr. Mitch Erickson 

Ms. Morgan Fiets 

George Stephen Frederick Charitable Fund 

Friedman Family Charitable Fund 

The Henderson Foundation 

The Hill Group* 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hutchinson 

Ms. Cherae Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Janes 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kaya 

Knauz Auto Group 

Mr. Robert Korman 


Lakeside 360 Partners LLC 

Mrs. Dina Lazarski 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Madsen 

S. Edward Marder Family Foundation in honor of Chris and Linda Marder Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Matson 

The Mulch Center 

Ms. Laura Nicolescu 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Norman 

Northwestern Mutual-Goris Financial Group, Inc 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olson 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Polk 

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rabin 

Denis E. and Roselyn D. Springer Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Steinbach 

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Thall 

Mrs. June Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Thompson 

Thompson Family Foundation 

Trotter & Associates 

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Turner 

Unilock Midwest 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warrington 

William Blair & Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woldenberg 

YWCA of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff 

Aargus Plastics 


Mr. and Mrs. Todd Altounian 


Mr. and Mrs. David Bishop 

City of North Chicago 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cussen 

Exchange Club of Gurnee 

Fairchild Industries 

Mr. and Mrs. John Friedman

Glass Solutions, Inc.* 

Mr. Paul Friedman and Ms. Barbara Goldman 

Mr. Armin Gerhardt and Ms. Azita Saleki-Gerhardt 

Ms. Kathleen Green

Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.* 

Mr. and Mrs. Ajit Katdare 

Kroll Patterson Family Charitable Fund 

Latimer Levay Fyock LLC 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDonald 

Midwest Fence Corporation 

Mr. Daniel Mohnen 

Ms. Lilly Moss 

Ms. Karyn Quick 

RISE Dispensary 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Garth Sager 

Santana Equipment Trading Co 

Mr. and Mrs. Sandro Serra 


Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Shaw 

Mr. Ian Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sullivan 

Taylor Enterprises, Inc.

West’s Insurance Agency 

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ziemke 


Mr. and Mrs. Terry Albaugh 

Mr. Les Alderson 

Mr. Alan Alport 

Amazon Smile 

Ms. Jeneyl Anglin 


Mr. Rick Axtell 

Mr. Michael Bielski 

Mr. Eric Braun 

Ms. Wygenia Brisco 

Mr. Aric Brown and Ms. Vicky Denhof 

Mr. Jeff Buckley 

Mr. Mike Burdick and Ms. Pam Eskra 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burns 

Mr. Mark Callow 

Ms. Karen Carter 

The Law Office of Joel S. Charleston 

Ms. Nadine Clarkson 

Mrs. and Mr. Kathleen Crews 

Ms. Chanel Crump 

Mr. Andy Debrueler 

Dieck, Arenas, & Associates, P.C. CPA 

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Digby 

Mr. Thomas Doe 

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Durbin 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dwyer 

Margaret and Lester Eastwood Charitable Fund in honor of Leila Whitley and Michael Kerrigan’s Wedding 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eber 

Mr. Jerome Farr and Ms. Patty Cordova Farr 

Mr. Andrew Feit in honor of Allen Berger 

Mr. Mike Ferraro 

Mr. Michael Fickes 

Mr. Ray Fleming 

Mrs. Theresa Ford in memory of Lil’ Leon (Edwynne Leon Ford III) 

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Foster 

Friends of Adriane Johnson 

Mrs. Bobbie Gordon in honor of Allen Berger 

Mr. Tom Goris 

Mrs. Sheryl Gray 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grumhaus 

Mr. Kevan Haarsma 

Ms. Juda Haley 

Ms. Sandy Hart 

Mr. Adam Henry 

Ms. Cheryl Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hirsch 

Mr. Sean Hitzeman and Ms. Kris Kraus 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hoguet 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hurwich 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jaeger 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kane 

Gerry and Steve Keen Philanthropic Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kim

Mr. and Mrs. Hornsby Kneeland 

Dr. Steve Koppel 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kovitz 

Mr. Stephen Krull 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kurland 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lappe 

Ms. Kiearrah Lawrence 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lenz 

Simon Lesser and Carol Patinkin Philanthropic Fund in honor of David Liebman 

Mr. and Mrs. Yaish Levi

Dr. and Mrs. William Levitan 

Ms. Wendy Liu 

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Lucente 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lundberg 

Mr. David Mangus 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mantych 

Mr. Kevin Marko 

Marks Lurie Family Fund 

Mr. Sipriano Martinez 

Mr. Greg Mattson 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCracken 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Michelotti 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Michelotti 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Minetz 

Mr. Chandler Moritz 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Mullenix 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nguyen 

Ms. Danielle Niday 

Ms. Kaitlyn Norum 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Neill 

Partners in Capacity 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Paulson 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pearl 

Ms. Bridget Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Redd 

Ms. Lizzette Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rizzo 

Mrs. Nina Rockingham Tate 

Mr. Angelo Roncone 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Schwartz 

Ms. Chantel Shackleford 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shulruff 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Siegel in honor of Steve Blinderman 

Mr. Steve Simonian 

Ms. Lucinda Smetana 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sorkin 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Specht 

Mr. Jay Starmer 

Mr. Yovell Sullivan 

Mr. Rao Surapaneni in memory of Sri Rajyam Siripurapu 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Taussig 

The Honorable Ann Taylor 

Mr. Brad Thompson and Ms. Ellen Kogstad Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Tompkins 

Mr. Ryan Trumpinski

Mr. Scott Turow and Mrs. Adriane Glazier in honor of Steve Blinderman 

Mr. and Mrs. David Tustison 

Mr. Samuel Vincent 

Mr. James Wakefield 

Waukegan Housing Authority 

Mr. Robert Wayne and Mrs. Gale Strenger Wayne 

Mr. Kevin Weadick 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weatherhead 

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Weinstein 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Weiss 

Ms. Zandra White 

Ms. Cheryl Wickland 

Ms. Veda Wilkins* 


Mr. and Mrs. Clay Atchley* 

Ms. Jill Barbacovi 

Beacon Place Community Center* 

Ms. Trudy Bradshaw 

Cardinal Health 

Ms. Amanda Chew 

Ms. Ebony Cox* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Echales 

Fed Ex – Zion* 

Mr. David Forlow* 

Mr. and Mrs. Brooke Gottshall* 

Mr. Sheldon Gulinson 

Mr. Nereida Gutierrez-Castro 

Ms. Kathleen Howard 

It’s Your Season 

Mrs. Doris Jackson 

Ms. Eva Javier* 

Ms. Trina Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kaplan 

Ms. April Koot* 

Mr. Kevin Lazarski 

Mrs. Gloria Lewis 

Ms. Sandy Mattinson 

Mr. and Mrs. David McHugh 

Mr. Kevin McKinley* 

Mr. Max Michelotti  

Ms. Tiffany Ndao 

Ms. Nikema Parker  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pingel 

Ms. Sharon Silverman in honor of Allen Berger 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Simmons 

Mrs. Lenita Sims-Spears 

Mr. Terrence Smith* 

Mrs. Claudia Steinbrecher* 

Ms. Sarah Stoklosa 

Ms. Theresa Tangonan*  

*All or a portion of the gift was goods or services